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My name is Roman.
I am a certified English teacher, a graduate of the Lexica Training Institute
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I've been working at the A-OK school since 2019. I’m ready to share with you practical instruction and experience. With that experience you’ll start speaking, understanding and grow in your ability in the shortest time possible!”
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Aida, France
The first introductory lesson is free. Roman finds out the level of knowledge of the language and offers his own methodology, and it is very interesting and, most importantly, effective. Punctuality, classes are always held on time. My nephews, 8-9 years old, study English with him and they really love Roman and do homework with great pleasure, thanks to the teacher. Roman is very kind and has an easy approach to people. We will continue to study
Irina, Paris

Initially, it seemed that the online lesson children would not manage (7 and 10 years old), but Roman found a very good approach to children, interested them! Considering that children learn French, English and German at school, it is great that they, together with Roman, are also improving Russian (and this is very pleasing!) They study with desire and are happy with new knowledge! Classes are always held in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.
Conclusion: an excellent teacher who deserves respect! I recommend!
Marguerite, Paris
Bogdan (10 years old) and Milan (7 years old) were born and study in France.
They have been studying with Roman since September 2020.
Roman is a kind and calm teacher. He has easily found an approach to children, the lessons are not boring, with songs, excerpts from cartoons and jokes!
They train twice a week, in a calm rhythm and with fun! I really like that the children not only learn English, but also practice Russian with Roman, which is very important for me while living abroad.
Thank you Roman.
Alexey, Moscow
Your lessons are of great importance in learning English for Nastya, so I would like to gradually increase the number of lessons as the new academic year approaches. Is there an opportunity from the next week to conduct 3 lessons per week, and from August - 5 lessons per week?
Natalia, Spain
I'd like to express my joy and satisfaction from the lessons of my daughter Ulyana with Roman in English via Skype. We turned to Roman in the middle of summer with the aim of learning the language from scratch. The fact is that we emigrated to Spain 2 years ago, and since the study of Spanish and Catalan was a priority, they did not study English at all, the matter was aggravated by the difference in the educational model in Spain and Russia, and children of her age had already studied English for a long time. As a result, my daughter spent 2 years in English lessons without understanding anything (((. At the moment they study for almost 4 months, 3 hours a week and she had a huge breakthrough, she already understands almost everything that happens in the lesson at school, this week she has passed an exam in English at school with 8.2 points out of 10. This is a great result and this is just the beginning of the path! Thanks to Roman! We came to him on the recommendation and are very happy! She finds a common language with children and knows how to interest them.There are many interactive activities.We will continue learning English with him gracefully!
Garik, Spain
My name is Garik. I am the dad of the girls to whom Roman teaches English. In short, we are very pleased with his teaching. Let me emphasize several aspects. Has sufficient level for teaching English. Knows how to find a common language with children. He speaks to them very softly. Shows flexibility (though not absolute) with respect to the schedule. A little more about working with children. We both have very different daughters. The eldest is very active, and the youngest is very difficult to make contact with strangers. Therefore, my wife was skeptical about the idea of English on the Internet, saying that Mary would not communicate with him. But what was our surprise when from the very first lesson the girl taught with interest and waited for the next lesson! The classes helped greatly improve the grades in school. Of the worst English proficiencies, children became class leaders in this subject. We've been studying for more than six months and don't think about stopping yet.
An update of April 6, 2021
To be honest, it's noticeable when you train them and when there's a break 😀!
Although they do well even during breaks and at school and at home sometimes they talk secretly from us in English!
Well, Sarah can do more, Mary is still not catching up so well, and Sarah is angry that she does not understand 😁Sarah took her English test before the holidays and wrote 10 out of 10, her teacher praised her. She wrote even better than a girl who goes to an English academy for classes! Sarah was delighted and said she should write to Roman!
Bella, Spain
My name is Bella. My son David is studying with a tutor Roman. When they just started learning English, classes were held 2 times a week. However, very soon, my son had a desire to increase the time for classes and add 1 more day. Roman has an individual approach to the child, which is very pleasing. I also like the regularity of the classes. In just a couple of months, the school's grade in the subject improved perfectly. Also, David began to read more in English (with pleasure). Conversational English has also improved! We will continue to study !! Thank you Roman
Evgeniy, Ukraine
Our child has a difficult character and does not always like to study, but Roman won him over with his calmness and politeness. We are very happy to cooperate with such a teacher, because he not only gives knowledge of English, but also makes it possible to adapt to cooperate with teachers. We already recommend Roman to our friends
Anna, Israel
Children have been studying with Roman for three months already. We have made good progress during this time, are studying with pleasure, waiting for lessons! The merit of Roman is that he shows creativity, there are different tasks all the time, the lessons are fun. We look forward to long-term cooperation!
Svetlana, Russia
My name is Svetlana and I am studying English with a teacher Roman. The main reason for learning English was the love of travel. I would like to note that the classes are held in a very pleasant environment, with a flexible schedule. English proficiency is increasing. She gained confidence in her abilities, and the embarrassment of speaking English is gradually decreasing. Classes are very interesting, we communicate on different topics in English. The novel explains very clearly all the rules, supports in case of small failures. Therefore, I advise everyone who wants to learn English to contact Roman.
Anastasia, Russia
I am very glad that I learned about the A-OK school of foreign languages! My teacher Roman helped me not only to restore my school knowledge of the English language, but also raised my level of proficiency to a higher level. The structure of training is very convenient, all lessons are based on simple life situations, and classes at home allow you to save personal time
Lyudmila, Russia
I express my deep gratitude to Roman as an English teacher. We have been doing it for a little more than a month, but the results are already visible. The child is 11 years old, he is looking forward to classes. Roman managed to immediately establish contact and interest in the work. The program is designed in such a way that the child himself is looking with interest for the translation of unfamiliar words and tries to remember them. Learning is easy and effortless. Very interesting. They knew the rules, but did not know how to apply them. According to the program, according to which Roman teaches, everything is assimilated and remembered easily. It is summer now, but the child continues to study with great desire. Thank you very much Roman. I recommend this teacher to everyone.
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